HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 9.13 A page with an embedded HTML page that shows a map referenced from
Google Maps
The <iframe> element has a few default styles, including an inset border and a
width and height . These styles can be adjusted using the frameborder , width , and
height HTML attributes or by using the border , width , and height CSS properties.
Seamless Inline Frames
Pages referenced within the src attribute of an <iframe> element play by their own
rules, as they do not inherit any styles or behaviors from the page they are referenced on.
Any styles applied to a page that includes an <iframe> element will not be inherited by
the page referenced within the <iframe> element. Additionally, links within the page ref-
erenced within the <iframe> element will open inside that frame, leaving the page that
contains the <iframe> element unchanged.
There will be times when we'll want to change these behaviors, and the seamless
Boolean attribute will allow us to do just that. When present on the <iframe> element,
the seamless Boolean attribute allows styles from the page that includes an <iframe>
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