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3. <li value="9" >Turn right on W Diversey Pkwy</li>
4. <li>Turn left on N Orchard St</li>
5. </ol>
Figure 8.5 An ordered list with three list items, in which the second list item has a
value attribute value of 9
Description Lists
Another type of list seen online (but not as often as unordered or ordered lists) is the de-
scription list. Description lists are used to outline multiple terms and their descriptions, as
in a glossary, for example.
Creating a description list in HTML is accomplished using the description list block-level
element, <dl> . Instead of using a <li> element to mark up list items, the description list
requires two block-level elements: the description term element, <dt> , and the description
element, <dd> .
A description list may contain numerous terms and descriptions, one after the other (see
Figure 8.6 ) . Additionally, a description list may have multiple terms per description, as
well as multiple descriptions per term. A single term may have multiple meanings and war-
rant multiple descriptions. Conversely, a single description may be suitable for multiple
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