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1. <section class="row-alt">
2. <div class="container">
4. <h1>Speakers</h1>
6. <p>We&#8217;re happy to welcome over twenty speakers to present
on the industry&#8217;s latest technologies. Prepare for an
inspiration extravaganza.</p>
8. </div>
9. </section>
4. In addition to inserting the paragraph, let's also change some of the styles within
the lead section. To do this, we'll add a class of lead to the <div> element that
already has a class of container ; this can be found nested directly inside the
<section> element with a class of row-alt . Our lead section for each interior
page will now look like this:
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1. <section class="row-alt">
2. <div class=" lead container">
4. ...
6. </div>
7. </section>
5. Once the lead class is in place, we'll center all of the text within these <div>
elements. We'll also increase the font-size and line-height of any para-
graphs within these <div> elements.
We'll create a new section for leads within our main.css file, just below the ty-
pography section, and add the following styles:
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1. /*
2. ========================================
3. Leads
4. ========================================
5. */
7. .lead {
8. text-align: center;
9. }
10. .lead p {
11. font-size: 21px;
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