HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Learning how to style text is exciting, as our content can begin to convey some emotion.
We can also start to play around with the hierarchy of our content, making our website
more legible and digestible.
To quickly recap, within this lesson we discussed the following:
Adding color to our text to enhance it
Applying font -based properties, including font-family , font-size ,
font-style , font-weight , and more
Applying text -based properties, including text-align , text-decora-
tion , text-indent , text-shadow , and more
The history behind web-safe fonts and how to embed our own web fonts
How to properly mark up citations and quotations
Sharpening up our text and dabbling a bit with typography has brought our design along
quite a way. Next, we'll bring a little more color to our website by going over backgrounds
and gradients.
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