HTML and CSS Reference
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By default, the browser will insert the proper quotation marks for us and will even change
the quotation marks based on the language identified within the lang global attribute.
Here's an example:
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1. <p>Steve Jobs once said, <q>One home run is much better than two
Dialogue & Prose Citation
An optional attribute to include on the <q> element is the cite attribute. The cite attrib-
ute acts as a citation reference to the quote in the form of a URL. This attribute doesn't alter
the appearance of the element; it simply adds value for screen readers and other devices.
Because the attribute isn't viewable within the browser, it's also helpful to provide a hyper-
link to this source next to the actual quotation.
Here's an example, which can also be seen in Figure 6.8 :
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1. <p><a href="
06_06/b3970001.htm">Steve Jobs</a> once said, <q
htm">One home run is much better than two doubles.</q></p>
Figure 6.8 An inline quotation by Steve Jobs referenced from Businessweek
External Quotation
To quote a large block of text that comes from an external source and spans several lines,
we'll use the <blockquote> element. The <blockquote> is a block-level element
that may have other block-level elements nested inside it, including headings and para-
Here's an example that uses the <blockquote> element:
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1. <blockquote>
2. <p>&#8220;In most people&#8217;s vocabularies, design is a
veneer. It&#8217;s interior decorating. It&#8217;s the fabric of
the curtains, of the sofa. But to me, nothing could be further
from the meaning of design. Design is the fundamental soul of a
human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive
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