HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
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1. /*
2. ========================================
3. Navigation
4. ========================================
5. */
7. .nav {
8. text-align: right;
9. }
7. While we're adding the text-align property to a few different elements, let's
also add the text-align property with a value of center to our hero class
selector rule set. For reference, these styles, including our existing line-
height and padding properties, are located within the home page section of
our main.css file.
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1. .hero {
2. line-height: 44px;
3. padding: 22px 80px 66px 80px;
4. text-align: center;
5. }
Our Styles Conference now has some serious style. (Bad joke, sorry.) Seriously, though,
all of our styles are coming along quite well, and our website is progressing, as shown in
Figure 6.4 .
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