HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
ic value is most commonly overwritten with a relative or absolute value, which
we'll examine next.
Relative Positioning
The relative value for the position property allows elements to appear within the
normal flow a page, leaving space for an element as intended while not allowing other ele-
ments to flow around it; however, it also allows an element's display position to be mod-
ified with the box offset properties. For example, consider the following HTML and CSS
(see Figure 5.11 ):
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1. <div>...</div>
2. <div class="offset">...</div>
3. <div>...</div>
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1. div {
2. border: 1px solid #949599;
3. height: 200px;
4. width: 200px;
5. }
6. .offset {
7. left: 20px;
8. position: relative;
9. top: 20px;
10. }
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