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These declarations tell Equinox to load and start the jars at launch time. I put the jars in a folder
called spring , which itself is located under the eclipse/plugins folder.
We have one last thing to do to see it all working. We need to install and start the client. There is no
change in this process from before. We repeat it here for clarity. Run the Equinox console:
java -jar eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.osgi_YOUR_VERSION.jar -console
Then, install and start the client:
install file:/path/to/your/client/jar.jar
start 12
If everything goes to plan, you should see the application contexts recognized by Spring and you
should, towards the end of the output, see the output from the invocation of the service.
equiredAnnotationProcessor,springDMGreeterClient]; root of factory hierarchy
Bonjour, Mario
Bonjour, Fumiko
Bonjour, Makani
May 25, 2009 11:26:04 PM…
INFO: Publishing application context as OSGi service with properties {org.spring…
iserecipes.springdmhelloworld, Bundle-SymbolicName=com.apress.springenterprisere…
12-3. How do I Export a Service Using Spring Dynamic Modules?
You want to create services and have those automatically installed in the registry, as we did in the first
recipe, available for other services to depend on. This process is different because we will no longer
register the services in Java code, and instead will let Spring export the service on our behalf.
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