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<bean id="grid.cfg" class="org.gridgain.grid.GridConfigurationAdapter"
<property name="userAttributes">
<entry key="countries">
You may access parameters configured in this way using the GridNode interface:
GridNode gridNode = GridFactory.getGrid().getLocalNode();
Serializable attribute = gridNode.getAttribute("countries");
In this chapter, you explored the foundations of distributed computing and the use of grids for both
processing and storage. You learned how to use Terracotta to synchronize your application's memory
over a cluster so that it is highly available and in memory. You learned how to use GridGain to build a
processing grid to distribute the load of a large job over smaller, more plentiful nodes. You learned about
the basics of the map/reduce pattern, which enables you to build a parallelized solution for better
performance, and you learned how to use GridGain's annotation-based approach to easily leverage a
bean's methods on a cluster. Lastly, you learned how clustered GridGain jobs can access beans from a
Spring application context.
In the next chapter, you'll learn about business process management and jBPM. You'll learn what
BPM is, as a discipline and as a technology. You'll also learn how to use jBPM to build a processing
solution with Spring.
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