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<bean id="datePrefixGenerator"
<property name="pattern" value="yyyyMMdd" />
Auto-Wiring and Dependency Checking
As you have seen, if Spring finds more than one candidate bean for auto-wiring, it will throw an
UnsatisfiedDependencyException . On the other hand, if the auto-wiring mode is set to byName or byType ,
and Spring cannot find a matching bean to wire, it will leave the property unset, which may cause a
NullPointerException or a value that has not been initialized. However, if you want to be notified when
auto-wiring cannot wire your beans, you should set the dependency-check attribute to objects or all .
In that case, an UnsatisfiedDependencyException will be thrown whenever auto-wiring doesn't
work. objects tells Spring to raise an error when a collaborating bean can't be found in the same bean
factory. all tells the container to raise an error when any simple property types (a String or a primitive)
expressed as dependencies on a bean haven't been set, in addition to the functionality of objects .
<bean id="sequenceGenerator"
autowire="byName" dependency-check="objects">
<property name="initial" value="100000" />
<property name="suffix" value="A" />
1-4. Auto-Wiring Beans with @Autowired and @Resource
Auto-wiring by setting the autowire attribute in the bean configuration file will wire all properties of a
bean. It's not flexible enough to wire particular properties only. Moreover, you can auto-wire beans only
either by type or by name. If neither strategy satisfies your requirements, you must wire your beans
Spring 2.5 made extensive enhancements to the auto-wiring feature. You can auto-wire a particular
property by annotating a setter method, a constructor, a field, or even an arbitrary method with the
@Autowired annotation or the @Resource annotation defined in JSR-250: Common Annotations for the
Java Platform. That means you have one more option besides setting the autowire attribute to satisfy
your requirements. However, this annotation-based option requires you to be using Java 1.5 or higher.
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