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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<wsdl:definitions ...
targetNamespace=" ">
<!-- Copied from the XSD file -->
<wsdl:message name="GetTemperaturesResponse">
<wsdl:part element="schema:GetTemperaturesResponse"
<wsdl:message name="GetTemperaturesRequest">
<wsdl:part element="schema:GetTemperaturesRequest"
<wsdl:portType name=" Weather">
<wsdl:operation name=" GetTemperatures">
<wsdl:input message=" schema:GetTemperaturesRequest"
<wsdl:output message=" schema:GetTemperaturesResponse"
<wsdl:service name="WeatherService">
<wsdl:port binding="schema:WeatherBinding" name="WeatherPort">
location=" http://localhost:8080/weather/services" />
In the Weather port type, a GetTemperatures operation is defined, whose name is derived from the
prefix of the input and output messages (i.e., <GetTemperaturesRequest> and <GetTemperaturesResponse> ).
The definitions of these two elements are included in the <wsdl:types> part, as defined in the data contract.
5-10. Implementing Web Services Using Spring-WS
Once you have defined the contract for your web service, you can start implementing the service itself
according to this contract. You want to use Spring-WS to implement this service.
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