Game Development Reference
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Chapter 4
Realm Crafter
Realm Crafter is an easy-to-use but powerful MMORPG creator. Realm Crafter
takes away many of the headaches of creating your own MMO game, leaving
you to concentrate on your concept, ideas, and story.
Creating a commercial MMO can take many millions of dollars and many tens
or hundreds of staff. You won
t be able to compete with these types of MMOs
for budget or resources, but Realm Crafter will make it easier for you to create
your very own MMO on a much smaller scale. It will also allow you to slowly
add new features as you increase your gaming world when you are ready to do
so. Realm Crafter
s set of editors and tools will allow you to create your world,
characters, and quests quickly. Realm Crafter also allows a level of scripting, so
the more experienced game creator can create more complex worlds and events.
At the time of this writing, there isn
t a Realm Crafter Professional demo, although the developers
state they are currently working on one.
Realm Crafter ' s System Requirements
Realm Crafter Professional is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game
creator, which is designed to create games that many people can play at the same
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