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Please note that you cannot use exact copies of any real world map, as these are generally
copyrighted by the companies that created them. You can use the general layout as inspiration for
your own maps. So for example you should not use any copied images or material in the world map
screen, but draw your own.
In many commercial games, they will use maps as an inspiration and create their own worlds as the
basis of a map. For example, San Andreas and Liberty City from Rockstarare based on real places.
Other games use countries as inspiration, either by using a real country in the game or creating a
new country.
Visualizing Your NPCs
Now that you have looked at a basic story structure and have been thinking
about what the world might look like, you need to start thinking about the
people in your game. NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are characters that the
player has no control over and are controlled by the computer. There are two
types of NPCs that are used within an MMO:
n Interactive NPCs: These are characters that the player can interact with,
talk to, and receive quests from.
n Non-interactive NPCs : These are characters that you cannot interact
with, and include characters that populate a world, such as friendly peo-
ple populating the area or enemy characters that attack you on sight.
This section of the topic looks primarily at interactive NPCs. Now that you have
three game ideas and some basic maps, you need to begin building some of the
characters within the game that the players will interact with. The initial areas in
your game world should be relatively small. This provides a good starter area for
the players to get used to the game
s controls and its general game play, and at
the same time you can introduce them to the story. In some MMOs, the starter
area is a game zone that the player doesn
t return to after completion. In other
MMOs, it is just another area within the game world that the player can go
back to.
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