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Daz3D is another long-standing 3D content provider, and they also provide 3D
creation software, so having 3D content is a perfect fit and a single place for
content and tools.
Because Daz3D also creates a number of 3D packages, their content is also more
suited to their products, but you can find things such as:
n 3D figures/characters.
n Animals, such as dogs, cats, dragons, and mythical creatures.
n Clothing that would appear on their characters, such as T-shirts, skirts,
and trousers.
n Hair shapes, styles, and colors.
n Scenes and props, such as household appliances, TVs, tables.
n Motions and poses, such as a sportsman posing while throwing a
s content is structured around its terrain- and character-based 3D
programs, which is extremely useful when creating MMO games.
You can find out more about Daz3D at
There is also a link called Game Ready Content; this is content that has all the
necessary parts included that will work in a number of game programs. You
should check all relevant details before purchasing to make sure that it will work
in Realm Crafter.
You should read the license terms of any models/websites where you purchase content, as some
items will not allow you to use their 3D models in commercial programs or games.
Sound and Music Websites
You already know how important using sound and music is within a game, how
it can set the scene at the start of a zone, or give the players an indication of how
dangerous (or pleasant) a particular area that they have just entered is.
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