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An event is something that happens on a regular basis in MMOs
could be a collection of events that happen at particular times, such as
the Christmas holiday or Valentine
s day. Or they can happen more
often such as weekly or monthly battles or social gatherings. An events
manager will coordinate these events and ensure the user base is made
aware of when they are happening. This might be with posts on a forum
or website, or messages in game.
n Programmers: To create an MMO, you need a programmer. You can do
quite a lot of the ground work with Realm Crafter, but to really create a
game that has the features you need, you need to be able to program in
C#. You might be able to utilize some scripts that other users have
donated to the Realm Crafter community, but in most cases you will
need a person or group of people who can program.
n Tools Programmers: When you are creating games, you will need
special tools to get the most out of your development. This could be a
tool that converts a specific graphic type you are using to the required
format needed by Realm Crafter, or a tool to access the user database.
Although creating tools to aid your MMO development will take longer
to initially get started, you will find in the long run that the designers
and mission creators will be able to create content quicker.
Useful Websites
This section of the topic details some useful websites that you might want to
consider looking at; this is a selection of sites that will help you get your MMO
up and running quicker.
Sites for 3D Content
An MMO needs 3D models, such as characters, buildings, and world dressing
objects. Dressing objects (commonly known as props) are those that make a
world look believable. If you had a game set in modern times, it wouldn
t be very
realistic if your environment didn
t have objects that are available in the real
world such as TVs, mobile phones, cars (stationary or moving), cups, plates,
chairs, and other day to day items. If the game is set in medieval times, it could
be a suit of armor, wooden utensils, and cloth-based materials such as flags.
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