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Nuclear Fallout
Story: It was inevitable; too many countries had their own nuclear arsenals. We
t know who launched first and at this point in time we don
t really care, all
we know is that the world has changed.
Cellar 7 was one of the first places that people appeared at when the first bombs
dropped. An old fallout shelter that had been scheduled for destruction, the
majority of its services were still in place, such as an underground water source
and food creation areas.
That was 500 years ago and pockets of humans have been living underground
across the world since that fateful day. The human race has adapted and
changed to meet these challenges, but overcrowding, worsening conditions, and
a lack of food has meant that many have asked the question
when are we
sending people above?
The time has come to start sending people above to investigate the world and see
if it can be repopulated.
Background: With some games you can take a situation that hopefully will
never occur, add in radiation, chemical spill or experiment and a period of time,
and you can change the whole basis of the world that we know. This allows you
to continue to include things that the players know well, but also allows you the
creative license to make changes for the benefit of the game. The game Fallout 3
is a perfect example
you can still see buildings and goods, but there are giant
ants, strange creatures, and 1960s-based goods.
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