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Pirates and Traders
Story: Welcome weary traveler to the port town of Port Royal! Here, you can
make your fortune or die in obscurity. All is possible for a young sea dog like
yourself. Want to make your fortune as a pirate? This is a great place to try your
luck. What about a sailor or soldier for one of the many countries fighting for
control of these islands? Or if you are of the peaceful kind you can see how
successful you can be as a trader, selling your wares to anyone who is interested.
Background: Even though sea piracy is still happening in small areas around the
world, it was a very common problem in the 1600s, especially in the Caribbean.
The great thing about a setting like piracy in the Caribbean is that there are
many different stories from real life that you can get inspiration from. Port
Royal, for example, was a place that pirates used to go to (and were initially
welcomed) and spend their money. Thousands of people are living and working
on a very small area, with taverns and traders and merchants. All of this
provides a rich tapestry in which to build your game world. The other nice fact is
that small islands with tightly packed buildings make the game world easy to
navigate to begin with.
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