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Knights of Old
Story: You were destined to be king, son of Harold, and rightful heir to the
throne of England. But your father is murdered and Edward has announced
himself King. You escape the guards that are sent to kill you and escape to the
Forest of Dean with a few loyal subjects.
You can no longer be known as the future king, but you are determined to take
back what is rightfully yours and avenge your father
s death.
Background: Using part of the story of Robin Hood with a twist (that you are
meant to be king). English medieval history is full of tales and stories that can
provide interesting quests and challenges for any medieval-based MMO. You
could also make an MMO based on the Robin Hood story.
The great thing about the Robin Hood story is that you have a place to start (in a
secluded location), where you can slowly open up the story as the player levels
up. Starting the players in a forest in a small hidden camp is a great way of
giving the players a sense of trouble and allowing you to give them easy initial
tasks. Perhaps they need to get firewood, or provide food as the followers in the
camp are starving. Medieval people were generally poorly fed and famine was a
common issue. These types of quests can give a better sense to the game and be
truthful to the time frame, which makes for a more convincing game.
You can use the same inspirations as the Medieval Wars concept.
Space Flight
Story: The Earth is dying. Overpopulation, deforestation, lack of resources, and
pollution are slowly bringing the planet to its knees. It has been decided by the
Planet Council that we need to look beyond our own planet for new resources
and technology and to create colonies to help populate other planets.
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