Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 17
Game Design Ideas
This chapter details different MMO ideas that you can use or build upon for
your own MMOs. The list isn
t exhaustive, but should give you a good set of
ideas to begin your MMO adventure. It also discusses some of the possible ideas
behind the games, and how you can easily introduce the MMO concept into any
game idea.
These are just examples that are meant to spark ideas. They are not fully fledged ideas, but a
starting point for you to take and build upon.
The following sections list ideas for some MMOs that you could make with
some additional background information.
Story :It
s 1888, London England. Crime is at an all-time high, the streets are
crowded with thieves, and the police are struggling to maintain order. There
have been a number of recent riots from groups trying to push their political
aims. The government has called in the army to restore order.
You are just starting out your career. Can you make it to the top, or will you end
up on the prison ships heading for a far-off land? Welcome to the world of the
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