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soon (this list is correct as of this writing and some games may or may not be
available at a later stage). This list isn
t meant as an in-depth analysis of the
MMOs listed as there would be too much to cover. The list should give you a
taste of what the game is about and give you an idea if you should consider
downloading the game to try.
Many MMOs contain similar ideas and concepts and it is useful to try out as
many games as possible so you can see what might be good to add in your own
MMO games. It is also a useful exercise to see how the game mechanics work, how
the worlds and maps are designed, and how they integrate the main story within
the game. You may be able to pick up a boxed product at reduced prices with a
free 30-day access, or some games you can download off the MMO
access automatically through a web browser. There is such a wide range of MMO
games that it would be expensive or time-consuming, so try to pick games that
match the type of game you are thinking about making in Realm Crafter.
The following is a selection of the MMOs available or coming soon; I
recommend you use the Internet and in particular game websites to find out
about any others.
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
Age of Conan is based on the topics by Robert E. Howard. Or you might know
about Conan from the 80s movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Age of
Conan is a mature MMO. On its release it obtained some excellent pre-order
sales and it is said that over 700,000 copies were shipped to retailers.
As with many MMOs, Age of Conan is in an ever-changing landscape where new
features and changes are made at an amazing pace, and so something that might
not have worked six months ago might have been changed.
You can find out more information about Age of Conan at http://www.
APB Reloaded
APB (All Points Bulletin) is a term used in law enforcement and is a perfect title
for this game that is all about the police. The game has two factions, the
enforcement agency and the criminals. Gaming websites were calling this game
the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) of MMOs, with its mix of driving, destruction, and
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