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Some games have decided not to charge a monthly subscription, but instead
charge users for getting additional benefits. This does prevent some aspects of
gold farming, although it is the case that many games do not allow the payment
of money for gold, but usually in-game items.
In many cases, players can report other players to the administrators of the
game. In most cases you can play MMOs and never have to use this feature.
Some MMOs use these types of features for identifying problem users such as
gold sellers. It is not uncommon to hear regular stories of MMO games banning
thousands of users at a time. These are usually spam-type characters whose only
role is to sell or advertise gold to other players.
A Tale of Two Lives
In addition to the traditional hack and slash (fighting)-based MMOs, there has
also been a growth in social-based MMOs. These programs are about meeting
other people, chatting, and socializing. There are social events and games that
can be played such as chess. One particular MMO called Second Life has also
included a financial aspect where you can buy land and items, but more
importantly you can sell services to other users.
It has also become a tool for companies, religious organizations, and education
establishments to market their products and services to the general public.
You can find out more information about Second Life at
In the section of MMOs listed later in this chapter, I also discuss a rise in a new
form of MMO games, which one could call the Facebook MMO or social MMO.
Multiplayer online games do not necessarily have to be about killing dragons,
being a pirate, or flying spaceships; they can also be as simple as looking after
your own farm, running a sandwich shop, or being a penguin.
Take Me Home
The current generation of consoles has been built to include advanced network-
ing technology. They have login accounts and online stores where you can access
games and, in some countries, video-based stores.
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