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Chapter 15
Using the Script Editor
The Script Editor is a powerful built-in programming tool that allows you to
write or amend C# code. It has a similar feel to the Visual Studio interface, so if
you have used that before you will feel right at home. This chapter looks at the
main interface of the Script Editor, and also helps you create a simple code
example that will give you a little more knowledge of the scripting system and
creation process.
Touring the Script Editor
To access the Script Editor, you must be in the World Renderer tab. In the
toolbar options, click on the Script Editor button as shown in Figure 15.1. Once
you do so, you will see the Script Editor appear as an extra tab on the World
Renderer window, as shown in Figure 15.2.
Within Figure 15.2, you can see the basic layout of the Script Editor:
n Text Menu: A number of options are available from the Text menu,
such as opening, closing, and printing a file.
n Button Menu: Quick buttons to common tasks, such as redo/undo code
changes, saving, and printing.
n Project Explorer: Shows all of the code projects that you can access.
There are a number of default projects that already exist.
n Code Area: This is where the code for the game projects appears.
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