Game Development Reference
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All scripts are written in C#, so you will need to understand how to program
before you can make your own scripts. You can find out more about scripting in
Chapters 14 and 15.
Sometimes users create their own scripts and upload them for other developers to use them. Visit
the Realm Crafter forums at to see if there are any new scripts that you
could use within your own MMO.
Waypoint/Spawn Point
The waypoint/spawn point will allow you to configure two particular situations
within your games:
n Waypoint : This is a location that a person moves to, very much like a
navigational system in the car that provides a point for you to drive to.
You can connect two points to create a simple route.
Spawn Point : Creates a location where you can spawn (create) a particu-
lar set of enemies or creatures.
All games have some form of waypoint or spawning system. For example, Call of
Duty spawns enemies on a regular basis. In fact, most FPS (First Person Shooter)
games have a level where you are defending a base or point on the map from
wave upon wave of enemy soldiers. Because game engines are limited to the
memory in the PC/consoles, rather than creating and placing all enemies in one
go (which would be very costly in terms of memory usage and the performance
of the game), the game will create groups of enemies in a particular location
(usually out of sight from the player). Once one wave has been destroyed,
another wave will be sent, giving the players the illusion they are in a firefight
with many groups of soldiers.
In MMOs, spawn points are used to replace NPCs when they have been killed.
There are many players in an MMO game and if spawning wasn
t used, very
soon the game would have no more enemies left to fight against. In an MMO
s usually a quest where you have to kill an enemy boss. This could be a
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