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Creating a Terrain
Rather than using a heightmap to create your terrain, you have Realm Crafter
create one for you.
If you ask Realm Crafter to create your terrain map it will only create the size of the area, but it will
be flat without any terrain variation.
1. Create a new zone using the Zones option or changing the Create type
to Zone and right-clicking in the World Renderer window.
2. Type the name of the new zone. In this example, I use Test2.
3. You will have a blank zone. Change the object type in the Create dialog
box to Terrain. Right-click on the World Renderer screen.
4. A dialog box will appear asking you which size terrain you want to
create, as shown in Figure 13.5. The sizes are to the power of 2. Click on
the Create button once you have decided on the terrain size.
Figure 13.5
Create Terrain dialog box.
Creating an Emitter
When you have created your emitters using the Emitters tab, you may want to
place them within the world. You can use the Create tab to place your chosen
emitter onto the rendered world.
Upon selecting the Object type to be emitter, you will then see a drop-down box
with the emitters available to you, as shown in Figure 13.6. You can see the
properties selected for this object in Figure 13.7.
Right-click on the world to place your selected emitter.
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