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Figure 12.14
The area created using the Fix Terrain Height option.
Now that you have a basic, colorless terrain, you can paint some color onto it by
following these steps:
1. Select the Paint tool. You will now see a number of settings, as shown in
Figure 12.15.
By default a number of colors have been assigned to the Paint tool, and
so you could paint your terrain, red, green, blue, yellow, or pink. Not
necessarily the colors that would look right in this terrain. You can
assign a texture to these default items.
2. Double-click on the red Default0 option. This will bring up the Choose
Texture dialog box as shown in Figure 12.16.
3. Find the Terrain option and then select 0.png.
4. Follow the same process for Default1, 2, and 3. Your texture box should
now look like Figure 12.17.
5. You can now select a texture and paint it onto the terrain.
Because you have assigned the textures using the Editor Mode program, you can
also use the AutoTexture feature from the Terrain toolbar. If you decide to use
the AutoTexture option instead, you quickly set textures to particular terrain
heights. You can see the auto terrain texture in Figure 12.18. Within the tool you
are able to set at which height the system will apply the selected texture.
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