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Editor Mode
The Editor Mode is a panel that allows you to access a number of features in
order to edit the terrain. To access the Editor Mode, you need to switch it on
from the toolbar. From the panels group, select Terrain Editor. Selecting the
Terrain Editor option will display the panel shown in Figure 12.11.
Figure 12.11
The Terrain Editor.
You may want to click on the Auto Hide pin (the thumbtack icon) to prevent
the window from hiding itself automatically.
You might find that the Select One Terrain for Editing button (in the
WorldTerrainEditor panel
s Editor Mode section) is grayed out and you are
not able to select it. If this is the case, you need to click on the Objects panel on
the left side of the screen and ensure that the Terrain object is selected.
Once the button is available, click on it to display the Editor Mode features
shown in Figure 12.12.
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