Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
to the SDK (Software Development Kit). You can still access this infor-
mation through scripts if required and make particular changes depend-
ing on what is selected for the zone.
n Drop-down box (and Cfg) : The drop-down box specifies the default
environment in which the zone is set up. By default, this is the normal
day/night cycle that you see when playing the game. Using the SDK, you
can create further environments such as a polar world with an aurora, or
a space base with the planets around.
n Ambient light colour : Determines what color you want the lighting
to be.
n Fog colour : The color assigned to fog. Fog is very useful for covering the
world in the distance, so the player cannot see what is far away and has
to travel closer to an area to find out.
n Fog start range slider : By moving this slider, you can change how far in
the distance the fog will start to appear.
n Maximum view range slider : This changes the viewing distance that the
player can see. The longer the view, the more processing power the client
will need to display the game zone.
n Preview time (+time) : Once you have configured your day/night cycle,
you can use the preview time to make the sun rise and set. By moving
the slider from left to right you can simulate sunrise/sunset process. In
the default game you can also see the moon rising and setting. Scrolling
through the time is quite an interesting and nice effect.
n Show player position : Show the player position on the zone map (the
map can be accessed while in the game).
n Marker texture : This is the image that you want to represent the player
in-game, it could be a simple arrow, a circle, or something fancier like a
small shield image or character icon.
n Map texture : The texture image that you want to use for the zone map.
n Gravity : Gravity defines how quick the player will rise and fall when
pressing the spacebar while playing the game. In most cases the default
option should suffice, but if you are making an MMO in space you may
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