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You can see some panel tabs on the default project such as Objects on the left
side or World Terrain Editor and Properties on the right side of the World
Renderer window. If you move your mouse over one of the panels, it will expand
and show you the contents of that panel, as shown in Figure 10.5.
Figure 10.5
The Objects panel, expanded.
When you move your mouse away from the window, the panel will automati-
cally hide itself. This sometimes can be frustrating if you are viewing/clicking on
an item in the world and want to see the properties update in the panel, but the
panel then disappears. You can solve this by clicking on the pin icon on the right
side of the panel window, as shown in Figure 10.6. Clicking this pin will leave
the window in place. When you are ready to hide the window, you just click on
Figure 10.6
The hide/unhide panel pin.
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