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Chapter 9
An Adventurer ' s Items
It doesn
t matter what type of MMO game you create, you will always need
items for your players to collect. You read about items briefly in Chapter 3; recall
that items are objects that your player can carry, use, cast, attack with (weapons),
or manufacture. These items are very important to your world, mainly because
the players will need some items to use as they go about the world. They also
provide collectables that the players will work hard to gain.
Touring the Items Tab
You can access the items information from the Items tab. You can see the Items
tab with some default information already displayed in Figure 9.1.
In Figure 9.1, you can see that the Items tab is split into a number of groups.
These groups are:
n Item list : A list of all the currently created items.
n Buttons : A selection of buttons to create a new item, to copy an item, to
delete an item, and to remap gubbins. There are also two checkmark box
items, which will be discussed shortly.
n General properties : A selection of common properties for each particular
item; these include the value of the item, how heavy it is, and if it can be
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