Game Development Reference
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Radar/Mini-Map Section
The Radar/Mini-Map section allows you to configure a mini-map of the player
local surroundings.
n Discover map in : At the time of this writing, this option and its func-
tionality were not yet available.
Show actors on radar : Allows you to specify which types of actors to
display on the mini-map. It is common to show friendly, NPC, and
Enemy actors on the mini-map to allow players to locate them easily.
By clicking on the checkboxes for any of the actors, you can select a mesh that will represent that
actor on the mini-map. So you could select a small red square to represent an enemy actor.
Other Section
You have already learned about the player
s reputation and currency in this
chapter, but the Other section allows you to specify starting values for these
Initial player reputation : Sets the starting value for the reputation of the
player. The default value is 50.
Initial player money : You can also set the starting value for the player
character; this is using the base tier and has a starting value of 50.
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