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First-person view is when you are looking from the eyes of the actor. This is a very common
view used in many modern first person shooter games, such as ModernWarfareand Medal of
Honor. Third-person view is when the camera/view is behind the actor, such as with Assassin
Game objects usually have a collision box around them. This means when one 3D model walks/
collides into another, the objects can push against each other. It is common to turn this off in
MMOs as it ensures that other players do not block entrances of buildings or locations. Leaving this
option on could lead to players abusing the system and stopping other users from getting to
various locations.
Loot Bag Section
When you kill another character in the game, such as an enemy, they may have
a loot bag on their possession. A loot bag is the graphical representation of an
item that has been dropped by the defeated enemy that the player can pick up.
The Loot Bag Mesh option allows you to select a mesh to represent the loot
bag item.
Currency Section
All worlds need currency, but the type of currency is totally up to the designer. If
you are creating a futuristic game, you could come up with weird and wonderful
names for your currency, whereas if you are basing it on a real-world example,
you might create a realistic currency.
n Tier 1 : Base currency that you want to use; the default is copper.
n Tier 2 : Second tier currency as well as the amount of currency that it
takes from tier 1 to make tier 2. So it might take 100 cents (tier 1) to
make one dollar in tier 2. The default in this example is set to Silver.
n Tier 3 : Tier 3 currency amount, which in this case is Gold.
n Tier 4 : Tier 4 currency amount, which in this case is Platinum.
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