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Think of a game with no sound effects; it would be like watching an old
black-and-white silent movie with no sound. A game without sound
would be a lot less immersive, and this is why game companies put a lot
of value on the sound in games.
n Music: Adding music to your games can also add to its overall quality of
your MMO. Music can be used to great effect, such as when you have
entered a particular zone or friendly capital city, or perhaps when the
player enters a dangerous area. You should be careful not to mix music
with actions that a player might make, as it may become difficult to hear
the actions taking place. For example, you shouldn
t play music when a
player is fighting with an enemy.
A polygonis a shape created using a set of straight, non-intersecting lines. These lines will end up
with a closed shape and no lines will cross over any others. A triangle is an example of a polygon.
All lines are connected, and none crosses over any others. By connecting a number of polygons
together, you can create a 3D shape. The more polygons within a 3D object, the smoother and
higher quality the 3D object will be, and the larger in size.
The media formats that are supported by Realm Crafter are as follows.
n B3d: Blitz 3D format. Blitz is a game-creation package that has its own
3D format. The original Realm Crafter (standard) was made using Blitz,
and many of the original models were created in this format.
n Eb3d: This is an encrypted B3d format. This ensures that the 3D models
cannot be used in another application without the use of an encryption
n 3ds: Autodesk 3ds Max is a high-end 3D creation product that is used
extensively in the games and movie industries. You can find out more
about the 3ds format at
n X: The X format is a model format from Microsoft. It was created for
DirectX 9 and should not really be used as a model format in your own
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