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5. To allow users to use the latest files you will need to copy the files from
your Patches\Files folder to your web server where you are storing your
client updates.
Configuring Your Servers
All of your server configuration can be done through the Configuration button
on the Project tab of the Realm Crafter Game Editor window. By clicking on the
Configuration button, you can change the details for the master, proxy, zone,
and account servers.
1. Click on the Configuration button in the Realm Crafter Game Editor
2. A configuration dialog box will appear, as shown in Figure 6.6.
3. Once you have finished changing the details, click on Save or Cancel to
exit the dialog box.
In Figure 6.6 you can see all of the server details, starting with the Master
n Address: This is the public IP (Internet Protocol) address for your
Master Server. If you have installed Realm Crafter Professional on
your computer, this will be your current IP address assigned to your
computer by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
n Port: Computers have a variety of Internet ports that various applica-
tions can use to communicate from your computer to the outside world.
Using protocols such as HTTP, FTP, and communicating with MSN
requires a range of port numbers. The default port for the Master Server
is 25001.
n Master Proxy: This lists the selected Master Proxy for the Master Server,
which in the case of Figure 6.6 is MyMachine.
n Web Username: The username for logging into the web admin page.
n Web Password: The password for logging into the web admin page.
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