Game Development Reference
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Chapter 6
Compiling Your MMO
Compiling your MMO in order to generate an executable that you can give to
users is something that you typically do after you have made your MMO. Even
so, I am covering this subject at this time because it is part of the first tab called
Project, and as you make your MMO you should be generating builds so that it
can be tested. Testing your MMO as you build various areas is very important
and a great way of saving a lot of bug fixing at the end of your project.
Building a Full Client
Ensure Realm Crafter is open and you have double-clicked on a project to open
the Realm Crafter Game Editor. The Project tab will be open by default, as
shown in Figure 6.1.
The Project tab can be split into the following sections and options:
n Project Information area: Provides basic information about your game,
including the number of textures, sounds, and zones.
n Host Settings area: By checking or unchecking the Allow Account
Creation from Game Client, you can allow or prevent users from creating
user accounts from within the client application. If you uncheck this
box, you must have an alternative method of allowing users to create
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