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Testing Server Toolbar
Across the top of the Testing Server application is a selection of buttons. These
allow a basic level of management of your servers.
Figure 5.2
The Testing Server buttons.
The buttons can be seen in Figure 5.2 and consist of the following (from left to
n Start: Start the servers. This is required for the users to connect to the
n Stop: Stop the servers; this can be a soft or hard stop. A hard stop will
close all connections straight away, whereas a soft stop will close all serv-
ices correctly before shutting down. Unless there is a serious problem
with your servers, you should use soft stop.
n Web Browser: Allows you to view traffic data in a web browser.
n Exit: Exit the Testing Server. If you are running the server and click on
Exit, it will advise you that exiting the server will result in stopping the
The Testing Server application is also available in the tool tray, located in the bottom-right corner of
your Windows operating system (next to the date and time). You can access the Start, Stop, Web
Browser, and Exit options by right-clicking on the Realm Crafter Server icon.
Starting the Server
In this section, you
ll learn how to get your server up and running, which will
allow users to connect to the default MMO that is created as part of every
project. Follow these steps to get your server up and running:
1. Ensure that you have started the Realm Crafter Project Manager.
2. Ensure that there is at least one New Project; if there isn
t, choose Proj-
ects > New to create one.
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