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Chapter 5
The MMO Test
This chapter shows you how to run a simple test to confirm your MMO is
working correctly. You may wonder why you would test your MMO before you
have actually created anything. A blank default Realm Crafter project contains
everything it needs to run a test MMO, including a player and a world. By
running the test, you will have a better idea of what you are creating as you go
through the different editors.
The Server
As explained in Chapter 4, you need two things to run an MMO successfully.
You need a server that will contain the important data such as user passwords
and login accounts and you need a client to allow the end users to play the game.
The first thing you need to do is start the server. The server will need to be
running any time you want anyone (including yourself) to be able to access the
MMO game. Follow these steps to start the server:
1. Ensure that the Realm Crafter Project Manager is running.
2. You must have at least one project file listed in the Projects tab to
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