Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 7
Glindemann, A. et al., “The VLT interferometer: a unique instrument for
high-resolution astronomy,” Proceedings of SPIE , 4006 , 2-12 (2000).
Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer
NPOI is the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer located on the Anderson Mesa
of the Lowell Observatory near Flagstaff, Ariz. A cooperative venture among the
Navy Research Laboratory, Lowell Observatory, and the U.S. Naval Observatory,
this interferometer has six telescopes and 30 stations, providing excellent capabili-
ties for astrometry and imaging stars. An aerial view of the observatory is shown in
Fig. 7.8.
Each telescope feeds its light into optical tubes via a tilt mirror. Presently, the
telescopes are 50 cm in diameter but are stopped down to 12 cm, so all that is re-
quired is tilt correction. The present tilt mirrors are 8-in diameter MM systems that
provide image stability.
The NPOI system is being expanded to use novel 1.4-m telescopes to collect
light. Each telescope will be equipped with full-scale adaptive optics and tip-tilt
compensation. Also under study is the possibility of adding more tip-tilt compensa-
tors after the beam has been relayed to the central station.
Figure 7.8 Aerial view of NPOI (image credit Navy Research Laboratory).
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