Image Processing Reference
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Chapter 7
Figure 7.5 Picture of 1.6-m telescope showing the compensating imaging system
(CIS) from 1994.
Morossi, Carlo, et al., “Dual use of adaptive optics systems: astronomical ob-
servations at the Air Force Maui Optical Station (AMOS),” Proceedings of
SPIE , 2828 , 301-311 (1996).
Spinhirne, James M.; et al., “Starfire Optical Range 3.5-m telescope adaptive
optical system,” Proceedings of SPIE , 3353 , 22-33 (1998).
W.M. Keck Observatory
The W.M. Keck Observatory on the summit of Mauna Kea, Hawaii, is home to the
twin 10-m aperture telescopes that were constructed from 36 individual hexagonal
segments. The telescope's large apertures can be used to feed a number of visible
and infrared instruments, including natural guide star adaptive optics and a sodium-
laser-based laser guide star system.
Brown, M.E., A.H. Bouchez, D. Rabinowitz, R. Sari, C.A. Trujillo, M. van
Dam, R. Campbell, J. Chin, S. Hartman, E. Johansson, R. Lafon, D. Le
Mignant, P. Stomski, D. Summers, P. Wizinowich, “Keck Observatory laser
guide star adaptive optics discovery and characterization of a satellite to the
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