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Chapter 7
Figure 7.4 Optical bench for the UnISIS and its Physik Instrument fast-steering mirror.
(Image courtesy of Laird. A. Thompson.)
Palomar Observatory
In San Diego County, California, the Palomar Observatory lies at an altitude of
1676 m, operated by the California Institute of Technologies. It contains six tele-
scopes, the largest of which is the Hale 5-m telescope, commissioned in 1948. The
Hale telescope is equipped with an adaptive optics system developed at NASA's
Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This system incorporates a separate fast-steering mirror
as well as a high-order wavefront corrector and operates in both natural and laser
guide star modes.
Troy, M., et al., “Palomar adaptive optics project: status and performance,”
Proceedings of SPIE , 4007 , 31-40 (2000).
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