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What, indeed, is wild? Cinco de Mayo (shown here as a three-year-old, top ) with Shonuff and their
calf ( bottom ) are the legacy of five hundred years of natural selection in arid North American
landscapes. On this Texas Hill Country ranch, longhorns coexist with more than a hundred species
of native vertebrates. (Photos: H. W. Greene)
By 3:30 on this second shortest day of the year I've returned to Lower Pond with one
of David's Rugers. Concentric ripples break the shiny water surface and provoke boy-
hood memories of fishing with a cane pole. Crickets trill softly. At 5 the sun's dazzling
orb is low on my right and a tidelike demarcation creeps up the far slope, with deep
shadows below and a late-afternoon glow on the foliage above. Chilly breezes caress
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