Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Football (for example, NFL) Game Scenes
Coin flip
Player on offense
Player on defense
Referee calls penalty
Coach argues with ref
Player celebration after touchdown
Injured player removed from field
Kicking an extra point or field goal
Baseball Game Scenes
Batter coming to plate
Pitcher pitching
Batter reacts to being hit by pitch
Batter goes to first base on a walk
Catcher throwing out runner trying to steal
Catcher and runner collide at plate
Manager argues with umpire
Team in dugout celebrates
Manager comes out to replace pitcher
Basketball Game Scenes
Opening tip off
Regular play on the court
Referee calls a foul
Player shoots from free-throw line
Player dunks
Bench players react to game events
Player substituted in
Attendant wipes sweat from court
Cheerleaders perform at halftime
Hockey Game Scenes
Regular play up and down the ice
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