Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Player stat development during the course of the season
Enabling special powerups, awards, or modes (NBA Street Vol. 2, NCAA Football 2005)
RPG, Adventure
Opposing and friendly character dialog responses
Opposing and friendly character combat decisions and actions
Damage calculations based on skills, armor, weapon type and strength, etc.
Saving throw calculations
Determining the result of using a skill, for example stealth, crafting, persuading, etc.
Experience point calculations and bonuses
Ability costs, duration, and effects
Resources and conditions needed to acquire and use abilities and items
Weapon and ability targeting, area of effect, and damage over time
CPU driver characteristics, decisions and behaviors—when to pit stop, use
powerups, etc.
Damage and wear calculations for cars, and damaged car behavior
Rendering car damage
Automatic shifting
Factoring effects of environment such as track surface, banking, weather
CPU driver taunts
Casino Games, Collectible Card Games, Board Games
Opposing player styles and degree of skill
Applying the rules of the game
House rules, such as when dealer must stay in Blackjack
Betting options and payouts/rewards
Fair distribution of results, for example no particular outcome (card, dice
roll, roulette number, etc.) is favored
CPU opponent strike (offensive) and block (defense) selection
CPU team selection and switching in and out during combat
Damage/point calculation, including environmental effects
Calculating and rendering combat effects on the environment
Calculating and factoring fatigue
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