Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Initialize track/circuit data
Initial amount of fuel or energy at start of race
Placement of powerups and obstacles
Weather conditions and time of day
Casino Games, Collectible Card Games, Board Games
Initial amount of points or money to start with
Initial deal of cards or placement of pieces
Initial ranking/seeding in tournaments
Position at the game table and turn order
Initial health, energy
Initial position in ring or arena
Initial ranking/seeding in tournaments
Ring, arena, etc. where fight is taking place
Initial allocation of units
Initial allocation of resources
Starting location and placement of units and resources
Goals for current scenario
First Person Shooters (FPS)
Initial health, energy
Starting equipment and ammunition
Starting location of players
Number and strength of CPU opponents
Puzzle Games
Starting configuration of puzzle
Time allocated and criteria to complete puzzle
Puzzle piece or goal point values
Speed at which puzzle proceeds
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