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The defect Type field is also important for routing and handling of your defect. Figure
2.6 shows the list provided in the DevTrack demo.
Figure 2.6 Defect type selection.
Not everything you find as a tester is a bug in the sense that something doesn't work
as planned. You will find things that could be improved or added to the game to make
it better. These kinds of issues would be classified as “Minor Improvement�? or “New
Feature,�? respectively.
Likewise, you can enter a “Future Enhancement�? for such things as
An idea for the sequel
An optimization to make for the next platform you port the game to
Adding support for a brand new type of controller
A feature or item to make available for download after the game ships
Another function of the game tester is to check the documentation. You could be
looking for consistency with how the actual game functions, important things that are
left out, or production errors such as missing pages, mislabeled diagrams, and so on.
These would fall into the “Documentation Problem�? type.
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