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release. It could also be that the game version for the platform you are testing does not
include what you are trying to test—such as True Crime: Streets of LA multiplayer
modes, which are only available for the PC.
Title > Onboard Sound Menu Crash Update
Date Uploaded > 28th November 2003
Description > To solve the problems with the American Idol game crashing back to the Windows
desktop when navigating the menus at the start of the game OR once the player is through to the
final 10 of contestants.
Here Comes the Judge
Not every tester will notice the same defects when testing the same part of a game.
Likewise, not every tester will run the same test in the same way. Psychology may have
an explanation as to why this happens, in the form of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
(MBTI). One of the categories in this indicator rates a person as either a Judger or a
Judgers like to be scheduled, organized, and productive.
If you are a Judger, you prefer a structured, ordered, and fairly predictable
environment, where you can make decisions and have things settled . You are
serious and formal. You like to make decisions. You like to organize and make
plans. You pay attention to time. You use schedules and timetables as a guide. You
like to work first, play later. You like to finish projects best. You are settled, decisive,
routinized, and predictable. You dislike surprises and need advanced warnings.
You need issues settled. You get things done as soon as possible. Others may see you
as concise, focused, and hard-working. You tend to use the directive communica-
tion style. (e.g. “Ask Jerry for specific instructions on balancing the budget.�?) You
want to arrange things to happen as you want them to happen. You are planning
for the future. You are good at listing tasks and developing timelines. You see the
need for most rules.
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