Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Audio ok?
Stage two graphics okay?
Audio ok?
Stage three graphics okay (if present)?
Audio ok?
Building leaves rubble when destroyed?
Rubble disappears after a while?
Build new building of the same type.
Place it away from first building.
Alt+right-click makes peasant run to building site?
“Upgrade to Royal Academy�? button on toolbar?
Text ok?
Button graphics ok?
Click upgrade button.
Upgrade animation ok?
Upgrade audio ok?
Royal Academy appears?
Graphics ok?
Toolbar graphics ok?
Text ok?
Select Royal Academy.
Toolbar graphics ok?
Text ok?
Can destroy building?
Can cancel building destruction?
Confirming destroys building?
Animation ok?
Audio ok?
Build a new Town Hall and upgrade it to a Royal Academy.
Select new building. Right-click on ground nearby to set rally point.
Flag appears?
Select a peasant, then hover cursor over building.
“Train Guardian�? hotspot is entire building footprint?
Send unit into building.
Cancel button graphics ok?
Text ok?
Unit exits building when you click Cancel?
Resource cost recovered?
Send unit in for training.
Exiting units walk to rally point?
Select building again. Alt+right-click to set new rally point farther away.
Flag appears?
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