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Connie Hawkins
Get 20 blocks in a game and win the game
Elgin Baylor
Shut out the opposing team
James Worthy
Beat all teams in the Northeast Region without losing
Jerry West
Win a game without getting any of your shots blocked
Oscar Robertson
Beat all teams in the Southwest Region without losing
Walt Frazier
Beat all teams in the Central Region without losing
In addition to running these tests, you may also find yourself writing tests for you or
other testers to run. Later in this topic you learn some formal methods for designing
tests, but that option may not always be available to you. In an informal testing situa-
tion, choose step-by-step, checklist, or outline form to describe the testing you want
done, or to record any undocumented testing you may have completed.
Identifying Bugs
Game testing has two purposes. The first is to find defects that are in the game code
or design. The second is to demonstrate which parts of the game are working properly.
When the test doesn't find any problems, it “Passes.�? When a test finds a problem, it
Another possible outcome of a test is “Blocked,�? which means an existing problem
keeps you from getting to other parts of the test—such as when the PC version of the
American Idol game crashes after you reach the final 10 (see the following sidebar).
This blocks you from doing any testing on the final rounds of the contest.
The test could also be “Not Available,�? meaning the part you are supposed to test has
not been included in the version of the game you were given to test. It might be
because the developers are still in the process of getting all the game elements put
together, so a level, item, function, or character is intentionally left out of the test
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