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A situation in which you might run into a checklist is testing special moves in a fighting
game. For example, the following checklist is to test Tina Armstrong's special attacks
in Dead or Alive 3 . To successfully and efficiently complete this testing, you must be
able to perform the game controller button presses with the right timing and in the
right fight situation.
Machine Gun Missile
Triple Elbow
Combo Drop Kick
Tu r n Up p e r c u t
Dolphin Uppercut
Knee Hammer
Leg Lariat
Front Step Kick
Crash Knee
Short Range Lariat
Elbow Suicide
Front Roll Elbow
Front Roll Kick
Flying Body Attack
Whereas the checklist tends to be focused on verifying a narrow set of game behaviors,
an outline can be used to test a broader range of results without worrying much about
the detailed steps to take to reach that goal. For example, in NBA Street Vol. 2 , you have
the ability to unlock special player jerseys by achieving certain results during a game
or a series of games. Imagine having to define or follow a button-by-button series of
steps to complete an entire game! So you, the tester, need to know the game well
enough to pick the right players for your team and then play the game well enough to
reach the goals that unlock each of the jerseys. An outline like the one that follows is
sufficient for this purpose.
Unlock Special Jerseys
Bill Russell
Beat all teams in the Northwest Region without losing
Bill Walton
Score over 1,000,000 trick points in a game
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