Game Development Reference
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Appendix E
Sample Test Suite:
RTS Building
The following is a test suite written to test all the building functionality for one faction
of a 3D real-time strategy game. It attempts to isolate each graphic and audio asset
associated with each building, as well as the individual functions of each. Note that
each question is written such that a “yes�? answer means a pass condition and a “no�?
answer means a fail—and a possible defect.
Dragon Building Checklist
Name ___________________________ Build No. __________
(NOTE: Start all buildings with one peasant.)
Peasant Hut
Select a Peasant. Choose Peasant Hut.
Building cost ok?
Text ok?
Can't build if price not met?
Building footprint graphic ok?
Can't place building if footprint is red?
Can rotate building 360 degrees?
Right-click places building?
Building site appears in Peasant's LOS (line of sight)?
Peasant constructs building?
Construction animation ok?
Phase one graphic ok?
Phase two graphic ok?
Phase three graphic ok? (if present)
Completed building graphic ok?
“Building Finished�? audio ok?
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