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Update Song List
It's a big deal for games to incorporate
popular music. You might find today's
hits blasting from a car radio or a street
basketball court. Music can also be a
more integral part of gameplay such as in
a dancing or karaoke game. The TFD
template in Figure D.6 reflects the play-
er's ability to add and delete songs, order
them, map them to game events, and
trigger them from within the game.
Depending on the game, triggering could
be user controlled—such as tuning to a
particular in-game radio station—or
event-driven like the music played when
the home team scores a touchdown. Just
remember that “New Order�? on the TFD
refers to the order of songs in the list, not
the electronica supergroup.
Figure D.6 Update Song List TFD template.
Complete a
Mission or Quest
Many games will reward points,
money, items, or access to new parts of
the game if you can complete a partic-
ular mission, quest, or other designat-
ed goal. It's common for these missions
to be broken into multiple objectives
that must be completed individually to
achieve success and earn the reward.
These objectives could be things like
capturing a set of territories or villains,
winning a series of competitions, or
completing a set of bonus words. This
TFD template in Figure D.7 is con-
structed for goals with three objectives,
but you can also use it for two objec-
tives by knocking out the states and
flows that deal with Objective3.
Figure D.7 Complete a Mission or Quest TFD
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